Meet Quintal

Holistic Academic Portal for Indonesian K12 Schools

We integrate Learning Management System and Student Information System

to create an easy-to-use all-inclusive academic portal

for administrators, teachers, students, and parents.

Why Quintal

Quintal is the first full-fledged modern academic portal built to serve Indonesian schools.

Offline Systems

Tons of paperwork for teachers and admins.
Fragmented and disconnected information.
Ineffective communication methods.
Heavy bags harming our children's spines.
School work is dry and uninspiring.


Seamless automatic processing that saves time and effort.
Integrated platform unites all data.
Connect to anyone, anytime, anywhere.
Electronic solution accessible from tablets, smartphones, and laptops.
Fresh, fun, interactive, and engaging.

Our Competitors

Confusing, hard-to-use, and time-consuming.
Impossible and expensive to setup and maintain.
Not flexible and not customizable.
Headquartered 10,000 miles away, hard to get personalised support.
Built with outdated design and technology.


Intuitive user experience that saves time.
Clear and affordable pricing with no hidden costs.
Open to customization. Free of charge!
Made by Indonesian engineers, delivered with world class service.
Built with modern technology that solves today's problems.

Jam-packed with essential features, Quintal helps streamline learning and teaching processes in your school.

With excellent UI and UX design, teachers and students are guaranteed to find Quintal super easy and fun to use.


Course Materials
Online Tests & Quizzes
Online Submissions
Automatic Marking


Online Discussions
Email & SMS Notifications


Academic Calendar
Weekly Timetable
Report Cards
Data Analytics


Data Migration
Training Sessions
Weekly Feature Updates
Feature Customizations

Academic Features

Quintal is on a mission to help you improve student outcomes.


Quintal is built to support three main curriculums used by the majority of Indonesian schools.

By supporting Kurikulum 2013, KTSP, and Cambridge IGCSE, Quintal is the most versatile academic portal for Indonesian K12.

Online Assessment

Quintal offers brand new ways for teachers to assess their students using online tests & quizzes.

Unlike traditional pen and paper tests, Quintal tests are conducted within the system.

Equipped with powerful anti cheating mechanisms, tests can be safely conducted in a controlled and secure virtual environment.

Course Material

Teachers can publish supplementary course materials straight to students' inboxes.

With secure and organized online storage, your students can access them anytime anywhere. Nothing will ever go missing!


Students can hand-in their homework, projects and assignments straight through Quintal.

With online submissions, teachers do not have to handle and organize physical paper submissions.

Online grading delivers assignment results to students and parents in real time and automatically calculate them towards final mark.

Communication Tools

Quintal improves students, parents, and teachers communication by getting rid of dependencies towards traditional media such as letters and phone calls.


Teachers and staffs can send out targetted messages to other school members.

Recipients can also choose to be notified via SMS and email.


Quintal is offered with three notification system. SMS, Email, and In-System notification.

Notification informs students and parents about new course materials, upcoming tests, assignment due dates, and school activities.

Online Discussion

Quintal provides a feature where students can have a group dicussion about specific topics, moderated by the teacher in charge.

Group discussions promote honesty, transparency, and collaborative spirit among students.


For something a little bit more private, students and teachers can talk to each other through our built-in private messaging tool.

(Available in 2016-2017 School Year)

Administrative Tools

Quintal is armed with powerful features that help automate tedious administrative tasks, freeing up valuable time for teachers to focus on students learning progress and mental development.


Taking daily attendance with Quintal is very fast and easy.

Parents can submit student medical certificates or excuse letters from home and get immediate response from the teacher within minutes.


Quintal Gradebook is simple, intuitive, and beautifully designed.

It keeps students and parents updated on test and assignment marks in real time, as soon as a teacher publishes them.

Report Cards

Our technology helps reduce the time taken to create report cards by up to 60%.

Student scores and records are automatically calculated, teachers only need to review, print and distribute the report cards. There is no need for manual calculation or data entry.

Academic Calendar

Quintal academic calendar draws a big picture about everything that is happening during the whole school year.

Designed to be user-centric, students and teachers only see activities that are relevant to them.

Weekly Timetable

Quintal’s online timetable allows students and teachers to see class schedules for the entire week.

The timetable helps teachers plan lesson delivery schedule and students prioritize weekly tasks.


Quintal is equipped with powerful charts and reporting tools that accurately describe students learning progress based on factual data.

By equipping management with accurate information, school can make the right executive decisions based on real academic data.



Quintal offers free installation and data migration services, all year round.

We guarantee that our expert engineers will perform all the necessary groundwork to ensure that Quintal is fully operational in your school.


Quintal offers free training sessions for administrators, teachers, and staffs, 100% free of charge!

Starting from the basics, up to all the advanced tricks that will surely help your daily professional lives.


We listen to your problems and makes it our core mission to solve them.

Quintal performs weekly updates and all our new features are built based on your requests.


Quintal offers free technical support for all its customers. All around the clock!

No matter what the problem is, our support team will help you find the best solutions through phone calls, online chats or on-site school visits.

Don't Wait! Modernize your classrooms and try Quintal today!

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